About gene


I am a retired high school teacher. Biology was my principle subject but I have also taught photography and yearbook. I am now teaching a junior college biology course and run an adult education program. Like many people interested in photography I got my start as a kid with a small cheap camera. Mine was a little Kodak brownie box camera. My first 35 mm was an Argus C3. From there I went to a Nikon FM1 and FM2. From that to a Nikon D200 with several cameras in between. I have an eclectic taste in subjects that range from architecture to natural scenery. I have traveled to Australia, Pacific Islands, Brazil, Costa Rica, Europe, China and of coast to coast in the US always having a camera with me. I share my love of photography with my daughter Lucie. http://luciefield.aminus3.com

Photography is a two way mirror. Each image is a record of how the photographer sees the world and a view inside the photographer allowing the viewer to know what excites or interests the photographer. When one praises or criticizes a creation of another person it is a very personal assessment of that person. I had a photography instructor that was a master at critiquing other’s photographs. He always made you feel good about your photograph even if he had a suggestion of how it could have been improved. I once commented on his wonderful technique of making people feel good about their photographic creations. He said that it was a learned technique. The very first photo he ever critiqued he had nothing good to say about it. He said the person started crying and left the room and never came back! Each time you post a photo you are revealing a very personal reflection of yourself and taking a risk. I commend each and every photographer participating in this photo blog site.

Photography Equipment

Nikon D300
Nikon D200
Nikon FM1 & FM2
Nikon Cool Pix 8700
Canon Power Shot A570
Argus C3
Kodak Brownie box camera